If you want to help out, please get in touch with your local coordinator, show below:

​Gravel Road Area: 07984 542144
Binfield Heath Village Area: 07799 038492
Crowsley Area: 07774 215614
Common Lane Area: 07702 777898

For Shiplake - please see their Facebook group, email covid-19@shiplakevillages.com or call 0118 9406665

For Harpsden - please contact Florence Phillips via Facebook

For Dunsden - please contact  Jon - 07384 383564 or see their Facebook group.

How it works

In order to keep things as local and simple as possible, we have split the area into four groups, with each group having a coordinator and it’s own private whatsapp group.

When the coordinator receives a request, they can either deal with it directly or reach out to their local group and see if any other volunteers are able to assist.

This should ensure that all requests are handled by someone within the local area.

Additional Guidance

Please review the following guides from Oxford County Council and ensure that you take all reasonable precautions to stay safe and don’t spread the virus:

Safeguarding Information for Helpers

Guidance for Volunteers

Practical Infection Control